CineTools –Innovation born of Experience

Our goal at CineTools is to provide intelligent, equipment-based solutions to the problems that we confront on the set every day.

Exasperated by the slow process of subbing out our prototyping and manufacturing along with our passion for the design and build process we decided to take matters into our own hands. What began as a couple guys and an old knee mill has grown into a sophisticated CNC machine shop with powerful 3-D modeling software and tremendous rapid-response capabilities. The results speak for themselves, as you’ll see in the equipment gallery.

What makes us truly unique is that everyone involved in our development process has had “boots on the ground” experience. Both our President and our chief designer each have more than 20 years working where you do — on the set. So, yeah, . . . we get it! We know if it’s too heavy or takes too long to put together, or won’t fit on the truck, it’s not worth the aluminum from which it’s made.

CineTools gives us the ability to solve problems and provide solutions quickly and professionally. From CAD renderings that you can view on your Smart Phone to fully-implemented equipment-based solutions like the Motivator, we’ve got you covered.


The Powerslider is a fully remote motorized slider available in 10 foot sections from 10 feet to over 300 feet. Speeds range from 3 feet per hour to over 30 feet per second. It is available in single and double rail. The Powerslider can be mounted at any angle, including vertical. Full motion control is available.

Iso Damp:

When our techs came to us for an isolation dampener that they could take from insert car to crane to helicopter, we knew it would have to be adjustable. What makes our “Iso-Damps” unique is the ability for the technician to adjust the response according to the energy of the environment. In addition to the familiar helical dampeners (spring-like structures), we’ve incorporated silicon dampeners which we can compress (think sandwich) or allow to expand to adjust the response of the unit. Originally developed to complement our Oculus Stabilized Camera Gimbals, we were so please with the results that we’ve adapted them to fit all of our Mitchell-based heads as well.

The Motivator:

The Super Techno 50! Truly, one of the greatest pieces of film equipment ever devised – until it’s time to move. With tremendous reach comes tremendous weight. In response to our technician’s request to make our fleet more self-reliant, we developed the Motivator, a “bolt-on” solution which allows one person to reposition the crane or bring it back to the trailer without assistance from the grip department. Two powerful DC motors provide more than enough power to get around the set and even ramp back into the trailer without a winch. Controls ride on the exiting steering bar to power the unit and control direction. A thumb throttle controls the speed, and a parking brake makes sure the crane stays where you put it. Coupled with our CineCube battery packs and inverters, the crane becomes completely self-contained for all-day shooting, moving the crane and powering the camera and control stations without ever plugging in. Our Motivator units fit any stock 50’ SuperTechno and literally bolt on in minutes with no modification to the existing base. We don’t know how long they take to remove because the technicians won’t let us!

The Cineflip:

How long does it take to re-rig the camera from under-slung to over-slung on the crane arm? With the Cineflip, it takes seconds to go from traditional to top-mounted or anywhere in between. If the last shot had you hanging over a railing and the next shot sends your crane arm through a car window, you’ll appreciate what this means – production won’t be waiting on you! Check out the video to see it in action.

The Max Array:

Cinemoves has always focused on “first unit” requirements — providing the platforms and equipment to enable the Director of Photography to realize their shot. More recently, we’ve been widening our range to respond to the needs of VFX and VR departments, providing large format, high-resolution stabilized imaging in the form of multi-camera arrays. Our modular approach to array design coupled with in-house machining gives us tremendous flexibility to provide an “off-the-shelf” solution or to construct an array to your specific requirements. Max Penner, our array guru, brings years of multi-camera and 3D design and implementation to the table and spearheads our more ambitious endeavors, like the multi-year project Soarin’, now showing at Disney Theme Parks around the world.

VFX and VR are of particular interest to CineTools and Cinemoves. Our president has spent the last several years focusing on stabilizing and moving large format and multi camera arrays. We have custom built 3,5,6,7,8 and 9 camera systems with great success. We recently finished a two year around the world shoot for Disney to replace the content in there most popular attraction of all time. “Soaring”

Extreme Gator:

Our modified John Deere Pro Gator is capable of carrying any crane up to 30’ – 45 ft. It was designed with the Grip and Camera departments in mind. It is a fully self-contained unit including onboard battery power for the crane, remote head and monitors. The Extreme Gator has multiple storage opportunities so you can go off the beaten path with everything you need to shoot. When the going gets very rough the optional counter weight location lowers the center of gravity to make even the most severe terrain manageable. In addition the Extreme Gator has a hydraulic leveling post and screw jack for the base.