Movi Pro with Cinemoves Quick release Behind Scenes


  • Capable overall payloads up to 100lbs and speeds of 30 mph.
  • Digital Safety Stops allow users to set end-points for completely safe operation.
  • Additional Safety Pulleys attach to frame adding redundant line for safety and security.
  • Digital readout on sled and pulse controller provides data for power, connectivity and position.
  • Pulse controller shows real-time data of power, position on line, travel, speed and distance from end as well as programming top speed, acceleration and deceleration.
  • Adjustable drive wheel tensioner for greater traction with different line tensions.
  • Power all accessories with integrated Dtaps on each side of the sled as well as a variety of cheesplates for mounting nearly any accessory.
  • Active traction control keeps the wheel from spinning reducing wear on the line and increase traction during wet / dry conditions or incline and decline.
  • Camera swing acts as a dampener for attaching nearly any head with standard cheesplate or Mitchell mount.
  • Integrated dual Li-Ion battery packs lock inside the sled and allow power to the sled and accessories for up to 4 hours of operation. *length of operation depends on weight, line tension, consistency of operation and power consumption of accessories.
  • Spring loaded locking pins keep the system safely attached to the line and allows quick attach / detach to move quickly from multiple line setups.